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Growing and harvesting cannabis is a complex process with many variables that need to be considered ahead of time and monitored in an ongoing way. How the plants are harvested and cured is just as crucial as handling and caring for while growing. Improper harvesting methods can lead to quite a few problems with the product.
Using a drying rack in Canada for storing freshly harvested weed is the best way to ensure quality retention. The benefits of properly dried weed include a proper breakdown of the chlorophyll, improved texture, higher potency, and reduced chances of paranoia and anxiety. Here are some tips and tricks for avoiding pitfalls when harvesting your cannabis.

How to Dry Freshly Harvested Weed?

We need to place freshly harvested weed/buds in a cool and dark room with low humidity levels with a fan set up for good/complete drying. The process of drying weed may take up to three to four weeks depending on the amount of mass of the harvested weed/cannabis.

Harvesting Buds that are Still Wet

Trichomes are the tiny resin glands that develop on the surface of the leaves. Trichomes have the appearance of sparkling and are often referred to as crystals.
Choosing the right time to harvest depends almost entirely on the maturity of the trichomes. When approximately 20% of these crystals develop an amber or milky color, it is time to harvest.
Directly after watering is the worst time to harvest. What the plant is growing out of, or the substrate should be completely dry so that the water content of the plant is at its minimum before cutting.

Temperature and Humidity

Cannabis Drying Temperature: After placing the cannabis on its drying rack or in cannabis drying trays, it is crucial to consider the humidity level of the drying room. The room’s humidity will determine the drying speed and the quality of the result.
Humidity to Dry Cannabis: The ideal humidity level for drying cannabis on racks in Canada is between 50% and 60%. Likewise, the temperature is just as important and should remain between 17 and 20 degrees Celsius (or 64 and 68 Fahrenheit). Light levels and temperature should be lower to preserve product potency. 


Proper ventilation is critical whether you are using a growing tent or a small fan. All plants on their cannabis drying racks could be lost to fungus without adequate airflow. Like the rest of the drying process, the ventilation process has to be slow and uniform. The suitable drying racks in Canada will preserve the potency, fend off fungus and bacteria and keep the quality high.
Whether your product is for recreational or medicinal purposes, for yourself or your business, you want to ensure that the quality of your product is held to a high standard. At-home and do-it-yourself growers will almost always experience some degree of flaw owing only to the extreme complexity involved in proper plant care.
But growers of all kinds can mitigate flaws and losses by having the right equipment. Harvest Supply Canada has great cannabis drying racks and other equipment to take the guesswork out of growing. Check out Harvest Supply Canada today to find out more.

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