The HSC40 & HSC60 cannabis drying racks feature 40-60 trays constructed of either 304 or 316 food grade stainless steel. These high-quality racks are corrosion resistant, water proof and designed for time savings and easy cleanup, making them an absolute must for any marijuana grow facility.

Our bucking machine can be customized for speed and feed rates. Marijuana industry leading buck rate per hour rating. All machines can be custom engineered and designed with different combinations to suit different cannabis harvesting needs.

We can custom engineer and fabricate cannabis trays to your exact specifications, from 2.38 x 1.5 mm hole and spacing up to 5 x 3 mm in standard or metric equivalent sizes. We understand that not all marijuana drying requirements are the same, which is why we offer custom solutions for your growing operation.

Harvest Supply Canada’s completely adjustable “HSC Hanging Racks” are designed to provide you custom control of the drying process required for each unique strain. The total management of your drying process through the HSC Hanging Rack will make for the highest quality product all while saving you time and money.