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Cultivating cannabis can be challenging, as it will only grow and thrive under specific conditions. Also, cannabis requires special care to be fragrant, potent, and free of pests and contaminants. These challenges still continue even at the harvesting, drying, and curing stages. Without special care, cultivators may not produce quality products or risk the loss of essential minerals like terpenes and phytocannabinoids.

They may also expose the products to potential contamination and degrade their value. Using the right weed drying trays when drying cannabis can help cultivators avoid certain issues. Knowing the cannabis drying issues to avoid will also help reduce issues that can come up when drying cannabis. Here are some drying room issues to avoid

  • The temperature is off
  • Harvesting the plant too early
  • The airflow is poor

The Temperature Is Off

The temperatures in the drying room must always be at ideal levels when drying cannabis. If the temperature is not at the ideal levels, it will affect the drying process even if you use custom cannabis trays. Temperature also influences the humidity levels in the drying room. Whenever the humidity levels in the room are incorrect, drying issues will be further exacerbated.

Harvesting The Plant Too Early

Many cultivators often attribute the drying issues they face to the quality of weed drying trays they have. However, actions such as harvesting the plant too early can cause serious drying issues. Cannabis that is harvested while it still depends on nutrients from the substrate will have high water content. Such plants will take longer than expected to dry–it could take several days if the traditional drying and curing process is used. The cultivator may have to use specialized marijuana drying trays to speed up the drying process.

The Airflow Is Poor

Having the best trimming trays for weed is not enough to get quality cannabis products. Airflow and ventilation are highly essential for cannabis drying processes. In fact, a cannabis drying room must have excellent airflow and ventilation. Proper airflow and ventilation help maintain a drying room's temperature and humidity levels. It also helps to keep the air from becoming too stagnant. Poor airflow can impact the quality of the final product, resulting in inconsistently finished buds.

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Issues To Avoid When Drying Cannabis
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