Harvest Supply Canada’s completely adjustable “HSC Hanging Racks” are designed to provide you custom control of the drying process required for each unique strain. The total management of your drying process through the HSC Hanging Rack will make for the highest quality product all while saving you time and money. 

Save money, maximize floor space, improve efficiency, and increase drying capacity when hanging your plants on our superior quality, streamlined and easy to maneuver HSC Hanging Rack

  • All four hanging rack levels are completely adjustable to suit the size of your plants and ensure the fastest drying time
  • Removable top rack makes for easy maneuvering through standard doorways
  • Adjustable top rack standing taller than standard doorway clearance allows for increased space to hang product, maximizing drying capacity
  • All construction is electropolished stainless steel ensuring a corrosion resistant product that is incredibly easy to clean
  • Bottom pan section is comprised of three individual pieces to accommodate for easy removal when time for cleaning
  • Four Heavy Duty Swivel Casters with two brakes allow for safe and easy movement throughout the facility with maximum control, effectively turning on a dime
  • HSC Hanging Racks are 26" wide x 57" long x 71" high (with extension piece added 91" high)

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