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When it comes to getting marijuana completely dry as part of the harvesting process, you have several options. Because this step is so important and has a direct impact on the quality of the finished product, you want to select the appropriate drying solution. The two most popular choices include cannabis drying trays and hanging racks.

Advantages of Using Quality Cannabis Drying Trays

Now, there’s nothing wrong with hanging racks. In fact, some growers use them in combination with drying trays. The problem with hanging racks is they expose the plants to air. As a result, growers must keep a close eye on both airflow and temperature fluctuations in the facility. Trays don’t expose plants to air and temperature change like racks do.

Of the two drying options, you’ll discover that weed drying trays are more advantageous.


By working with a reputable company that specializes in cannabis drying trays, you can have them customized. After all, every pot-growing facility is unique. The right company can make a product based on the size of your facility, the volume of product that you dry daily, the strains you grow, and so on.

Plant’s Aroma

People who use cannabis like the aroma just as much as the flavor. However, that doesn’t mean they want an overpowerful strain. Aroma is another thing affected by the drying process. When hanging marijuana to dry, it typically ends up smelling quite strong. Some people even find it difficult to enjoy. With weed drying trays, that doesn’t happen.

A Safer Option

Sending a headshop or dispensary a bad batch of weed that makes buyers sick is a surefire way to have your facility shut down. A key benefit of weed buying trays has to do with safety. 

A reputable source sells standard and custom cannabis trays made of either food-grade stainless steel or plastic. However, that’s not all. The right company also sells products with NSF-certified coating. That extra layer of protection prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that can contaminate the marijuana.

Expedited Drying Process

Cannabis drying trays even speed up the drying process. With hanging racks, plant branches clump together, which takes much longer to dry. For trays, you would lay individual buds on the racks. As a result, the marijuana dries faster.

Enhanced Quality

It takes a lot of work to harvest cannabis. So, you want to get the best yield possible. Because trays dry buds at a steady temperature, you’ll end up with consistent product quality.

Ideal for Limited Spaces

If your facility has limited space, hanging racks might not suffice. However, you can opt for custom cannabis trays to fit the available space and configuration. That way, you can increase the volume of marijuana that your facility dries. 

Always Putting the Customer First

At Harvest Supply Canada Inc., we strive to achieve customer satisfaction 100 percent of the time by providing outstanding marijuana grow solutions and support. Contact us today to learn how we can bring value to your business.

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Advantages of Racks and Trays for Drying Cannabis
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