We offer fully customized solutions with the lowest cost and best value.

  • Constructed of either 304 or 316 food grade stainless steel.
  • Each drying rack comes with 40 or 60 stainless steel trays.
  • Our taller drying rack easily holds more product per sq. ft. than others while using only 7.40 sq. ft. of valuable floor space.
  • Corrosion resistant, water proofing construction, that’s very easy to clean.
  • Stainless steel product labeling bracket included.
  • Stainless steel construction eliminates worry about aluminum contamination, costly inconvenient re-coating, or plastic trays that warp or break.
  • All welds are full penetration welds vs stitch welds. Our welds are much stronger and more resistant to bending or warping.


Harvest Supply Canada's nested racks.

Nest both racks and trays for easy storage. Our diagonal bracing allows for very tight nesting to save you valuable floor space at your facility.

We understand that not all product strains and harvests are the same. To accommodate this our drying tray hole and spacing configurations are infinite.

Save floor space, save time in cleaning, get more product per sq. ft., with a heavy-duty drying rack that lasts forever, with no maintenance.

Close up of a heavy-duty stainless steel swivel

Each rack features 6 heavy duty stainless steel swivel wheels, 2 with brakes with a 85 kg load rating for each.

Weight icon with 400kg

Carts are engineered and load tested to 400 kg.


Harvest Supply Canada's stacked trays

Custom Engineered Trays

We can custom engineer and fabricate trays to your exact specifications. From 2.38 x 1.5 mm hole and spacing up to 5 x 3 mm in standard or metric equivalent sizes. We understand that not all drying requirements are the same.

5 mm x 3 mm35.40%3.28 lbs1.49 kg
4 mm x 2 mm40.30%2.9 lbs1.32 kg
3 mm x 1.54 mm32.60%3.5 lbs1.60 kg
2.38 mm x 1.5 mm round34.10%3.3 lbs1.50 kg
2.38 mm x 1.5 mm square37.60%3.1 lbs1.40 kg

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