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cannabis harvesting equipment

Before they accept flowers for processing, extractors require removing the stem using bucking machines. It will also be necessary to remove the stem at some point if you intend to trim your flower and package or store it accordingly. At Harvest Supply Canada, you will find most types of cannabis harvesting equipment.

Since all cannabis grown for flowers must eventually be bucked, does that mean we need to buy an expensive cannabis harvesting machine? Possibly. Maybe investing thousands of dollars in a bucker isn't the best use of your money if you only grow 25 plants or ever plan to. It's just easier to harvest and hang. It is not fun but also less expensive, and you can do it at your own pace since the plants have already dried or cured. Using scissors to separate flowers from stems is not fun, but you can also do it at your own pace. You can even manually buck 25 cannabis plants if you dedicate time to it.

At Harvest supply Canada, our cannabis harvesting equipment checks all the right boxes. If you intend to harvest 100 plants or more, bucking cannabis plants wet or dry becomes much more difficult. Again, bucking dry and manually is doable if you've got the time and budget. Using a mechanical bucker is the most efficient option if you have to buck your dry plants after chop or have time or personnel constraints.

What is a Cannabis Bucker: It is a machine that is used to remove harvested cannabis plant's leaves and flowers from the stalks in an efficient way.

Bucking cannabis, whether for weed, hemp, or any cannabis-related plant, is a crucial step in harvesting and processing. It involves separating mature buds from stems and branches to ensure high-quality products. Traditional methods use manual tools like weed buckers, but modern operations benefit from cannabis bucking machines, such as dry bucking machines, which significantly enhance efficiency while preserving bud integrity. These machines minimize trichome loss, offer consistent quality, reduce labor costs, and increase productivity. Proper timing during bucking ensures that the final cannabis product maintains its quality and market appeal.

When the cannabis harvesting machine feeds, the stems are grabbed. Buckers typically have a single motor driving one roller for the other roller to work. The engine is attached to the roller that moves. Every cannabis/hemp bucking machine has forward and reverse switches. The forward pull starts when the plant is proceeding normally, and the reverse-pull is used when it gets stuck mid-pull. When the plant is wet, this usually happens. Make sure you buy a machine with variable speeds.

Getting the plant into the bucket can be a challenge for some plants. In addition, reversing keeps hands and fingers away from pinch points. If a cannabis/hemp bucker can process both wet and dry materials, it has a variable speed knob or adjustment. The roller speed is usually set at 100% to ensure the stem runs through the roller the first time and cleanly after buckling when wet. Conversely, cannabis harvesting equipment needs to reduce its speed to 30% or 40% to avoid damaging the flowers. Last but not least, all buckers have an emergency E-stop button.

Scalable and growing processes need buckets. In most, if not all operations, they are a personnel multiplier at that point in the process. You may contact us at Harvest Supply Canada if you have any further questions regarding a cannabis bucking machine or intend to purchase one!

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